Latest Yin Teacher Training Comments

“I found “aha moment” after “aha moment” so many times during the course of the weekend. Things I’ve heard in the past finally because crystal clear to me. I was able to bring what I learned to my students the very next day after even our first session. Lisa has a really easy-going way about her, but is succinct and keeps reeling us in as we have a tendency to start talking because we’re all so excited about what we’re learning. It’s a wonderful experience for yoga teachers, especially who have already only brushed the surface of their yoga knowledge with a 200-hr YTT.”

– Valeri Pighini, RYT

“Lisa is an awesome teacher. She is extremely organized and very knowledgeable. I loved my Yin training with her!!”
-Kristin Osowski, M.S., CMT, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher