Sharing A Story of Compassion…Tenzin’s Story

I recently read an article today by Linda Ross Swanson, free-lance writer from Portland, Oregon – that left me flooded with so much awareness, attention, inspiration today. Love here – healing energy medicine in this story is in action.  Sitting Downwind from Flowers By Linda Ross Swanson A few years ago, Seattle, Washington, a 52-year-old … More Sharing A Story of Compassion…Tenzin’s Story

Partner Yoga, Anyone?

Phillip Bossant, RYT and I are excited to create another Partner Yoga Workshop at the Yoga Company in San Ramon. Last session we did lots of great partner exercises and experimented with some great stuff, even Acroyoga! So join us as we explore more partner yoga poses and enjoy another afternoon soaking in an abundance … More Partner Yoga, Anyone?

Yin Sequence for Grief

The life cycle. In every life exists pain, illness, loss and death. I wrote this sequence for my dear friend Lyda, who recently lost her father. This flow gets into the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidney meridians. All emotions that may come up after losing someone include worry, sadness, anger, and fear. The key is the … More Yin Sequence for Grief

Baby Hopper Pose

Baby Hopper (a junior version of Grasshopper pose) I’ve been seeing such wonderful and inspirational poses on Instagram (IG) with group that tag themselves “May the Force be with Yogis.” A pose I came across is called “Baby Hopper,” a derivative of Grasshopper pose. This one seems more accessible to students as an arm balance, … More Baby Hopper Pose


I often get students who come to class and afterwards, they start speaking poorly of themselves. “Why can’t I fold forward? My belly is too big. I’m fat.” Then I remind them to think back. “Remember when you took your very first yoga class? Look at where you are now?” I remind them yoga is … More Perspective