Yin Yoga and Acupressure Seasonal Workshop at JBY {Rivermark} Santa Clara

I’m super excited to announce my new Yin Yoga and Acupressure seasonal series that I will be offering at Just Breathe Yoga {Rivermark}. The idea came from studying the five elements at McKinnon where I took my Acupressure training from. What better way to combine my love and passion for both Yin Yoga and Acupressure? … More Yin Yoga and Acupressure Seasonal Workshop at JBY {Rivermark} Santa Clara

Up and coming

Thanks to my students who have been patient with my time off and understanding that I needed to be with my little one for Saturday morning baseball practice and games.  I was hesitant on coming back, but after the flood of emails and outreach — I have decided to come back! What?!?! I’m heading back … More Up and coming

Go Yin-side: Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop!

I am excited to announce that I’ll be facilitating a special Yin Yoga workshop designed to maximize the release of physical and emotional issues stored in the tissues of the body. This class will specifically target connective tissues around the hips and back. The Yin Yoga practice focuses on the deeper dense tissues of the … More Go Yin-side: Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop!

Yin Yoga Playlist Hips

For those of you asking for my most recent music playlist — here it is! I gravitated to Max Richter’s Sleep album because of Bernie Clark’s recommendation. It’s beautiful. Enjoy. 1. Prelude by Max Richter 2. Light on the Path by OshO 3. Relaxing on the Mountain by Chinmaya Dunster 4. Presence by Nawang Khechog … More Yin Yoga Playlist Hips