Yin Yoga Playlist Hips

For those of you asking for my most recent music playlist — here it is! I gravitated to Max Richter’s Sleep album because of Bernie Clark’s recommendation. It’s beautiful. Enjoy. 1. Prelude by Max Richter 2. Light on the Path by OshO 3. Relaxing on the Mountain by Chinmaya Dunster 4. Presence by Nawang Khechog … More Yin Yoga Playlist Hips

Yin Yoga: The Three-Part Daoist Breath

Daoist (Taoist) breathing system has been used for centuries. This technique allows you to connect with your chi (qi), slow down breathing (inhales and exhales) and to smooth out physical tension, astral or emotional blockages, and calm the mind. I initially learnt the Three-Part Daoist breath from Bernie Clark, and subsequently again when I met Paul & … More Yin Yoga: The Three-Part Daoist Breath