Yin Yoga Module One begins 8/19!

It is not too late! Drop in prior to the session begins so that you register or talk about payment options for this module. Enhance your teaching skills and knowledge!

YIN YOGA (MODULE 1) – THE FOUNDATIONS (20 Hours) – $395 by July 1st, $450 after
Dates: August 19 & 20, 26 & 27
Saturdays and Sundays: 12:20pm – 5:20pm
Payment Option: 2 Payments, $225 due each Sunday session
Register online at http://www.justbreatheyogarivermark.com

Why work with Lisa Jang?
Those who graduate from Lisa Jang’s Yin Yoga modules leave with an expertise in understanding anatomy & physiology as well as the traditional practice of yin yoga. Lisa Jang is extremely passionate about setting the highest standard for exceptional knowledge and ongoing teacher education. Lisa wants the best teachers guiding their students (and themselves) on their own unique journey to optimal health. Lisa Jang is an E-RYT under Yoga Alliance and is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. Continuing Education credit can be applied to Yoga Alliance teachers.
Lisa Jang teaches yoga teachers (and her students) to understand the body, it’s functions, common injuries & illnesses and how to apply yin yoga to the individual for a more powerful therapeutic outcome.


Valeri Pighini, Yin Yoga Module One Graduate
"I found “aha moment” after “aha moment” so many times during the course of the weekend. Things I’ve heard in the past finally because crystal clear to me. I was able to bring what I learned to my students the very next day after even our first session. Lisa has a really easy-going way about her, but is succinct and keeps reeling us in as we have a tendency to start talking because we’re all so excited about what we’re learning. It’s a wonderful experience for yoga teachers, especially who have already only brushed the surface of their yoga knowledge with a 200-hr YTT."


Up and coming

Thanks to my students who have been patient with my time off and understanding that I needed to be with my little one for Saturday morning baseball practice and games. 

I was hesitant on coming back, but after the flood of emails and outreach — I have decided to come back! What?!?!

I’m heading back to Crunch Blackhawk on Saturday’s at 8:30am beginning July 15. Yin Yoga, 60 minutes. As I transition, I will be having another Yoga teacher in class assisting me. Bernadette Nakashima has been so helpful teaching while I was out. She will be in my class assisting and subbing again when I head up to Canada for vacation and when I facilitate Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Much gratitude to Bernadette for help and dedication (you are OM-azing) and thank you always to my boss Liz for always supporting my decision. 

Yin Yoga teacher training…yes…

It begins August 19th. So register now at http://www.justbreatheyogarivermark.com and come join me to deepen your practice. Drop me a line if you have questions at lisajangyoga@gmail.com. I’m a Yoga Alliance Certified Educator. You can use it as part of your Ceu’s as part of continuing studies. Plus Just Breathe Yoga is a beautiful studio centrally located in Rivermark Plaza in Santa Clara, CA. Yay! Come on! What are you waiting for! 

Yin Yoga Registration with Lisa Jang

See you soon! 

Summer blues? Upcoming events!

Hey guys,

A quick note to let you know of my upcoming events. 

Saturday, June 3rd 11-1pm Inversion Clinic http://www.theyogacompany.com

Saturday, July 8th 11-1pm Arm Balance Session http://www.theyogacompany.com

Yin Yoga Module One (20 Hours) Teacher Training Saturday and Sunday’s 12:20pm – 5:20pm August 19, 20, 26 & 27 

Register early to get your spot! Hope to see you all there.



It is inevitable, change. We become attached to our classes, our routines, our teachers. Sometimes, we have to let go.

I recently had a change in my schedule which needed my complete family presence. I am in process of changing my schedule to accommodate for this change, which ultimately meant giving up a couple of my much loved classes.

It is a sudden shift, but sometimes you get a big knock at the door that says “hey, it’s time.” You have nothing but to go with the universal flow and say “thank you.”

I’ve put nothing but 100% and more into my classes. In turn, I don’t expect anything back but am grateful for them showing up in their mats and choosing me as their guide. Heck ya, I’m sad. But isn’t the part of the process? 

Thank you to my students who have always practiced with compassion and openly listen to my thoughts/good intentions knowing that my ideas are not absolute but they are there to inspire a deeper understanding their own journey. What I shared were conversations sparked by my mentors, teachers, healers and students. 

Remember what I say all the time (something that resonated with me when my teacher said this):

Listen not to remember everything that you hear – but rather sense what touches you that you know to be true in your heart. Otherwise, just let it pass through. 

Remember that I’ve always taught with nothing but love from my heart. Until we meet again, om shanti. Peace. Peace. Peace. 

Restorative Yoga, what?

“Restoration.” What do you think when you hear that word? For myself, I imagine in my minds’ eye a beautiful antique that has weathered and aged from the environmental stresses then restored because someone actually cared to recapture its essence and beauty.

Restorative yoga, to me; is much like this. Classical Restorative, that is. Our nervous system is stressed from the environment, the fast past culture. I never knew how much my inner body needed Restorative yoga! Last week I fully embodied restorative yoga every single day. My nervous system reset and there was an inner clarity and wisdom that I found was always there — I never really listened.

Restorative yoga is an advanced teaching. That’s what my teacher Tianne Allan from Semperviva Yoga College said. I would have to agree. There are so many subtle details, a presence you need to teach. The practice itself is such a wonderful teacher.

Some folks will push this type of yoga aside because they need to feel something. For example, sweating. While this would be wonderful for a more physical practice there also needs to be an inner caring of the nervous system.  Once you discover Restorative yoga –it so profound.

I’m so grateful I was able to learn from Tianne this past week. I invite you to try Restorative Yoga wherever you are. Become unattached to physical. Go inward, deeply. The practice is very insightful, thoughtful and profound. I am looking forward to offering this soon, be sure to check my schedule and workshops.

Until then, try taking 5 minutes of you day in a quiet room, dark with the room temperature “just right” in a supported comfortable pose and just sit with yourself and your thoughts. You’d be surprised how much 5 minutes can reset your day.

Deep gratitude to my Restorative yoga teacher Tianne Allan for all her beautiful work. Om shanti.

Go Yin-side: Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop!

I am excited to announce that I’ll be facilitating a special Yin Yoga workshop designed to maximize the release of physical and emotional issues stored in the tissues of the body. This class will specifically target connective tissues around the hips and back.

The Yin Yoga practice focuses on the deeper dense tissues of the body, such as tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. We will learn how to safely approach the Yin Yoga postures by inquiring about our own body in our yoga practice and learning how to use yoga props to modify or to deepen our postures. The ancient Chinese healing art of acupressure will also be introduced in this workshop. Massage balls will be used during our yin practice to press on key healing points. All levels are welcomed.

Register online at http://www.justbreatheyogarivermark.com! Click on “schedule” then “workshops” to register. Registration opens today!

SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017 1PM – 3PM
Just Breathe Yoga, Rivermark
3971 Rivermark Plaza, Santa Clara, CA

Cost: $35 Early bird, registered a week prior to event or $45 after. Space is limited!


In two weeks, I will be teaching my first inversion workshop. Yin Yoga Lisa, you might ask? I hardly see her going upside down!

Most folks who know my personal practice know I try my best to balance the Yin and the Yang. That’s all they know. However, I do have a handful of my friends see my journey and my struggle on my yoga mat. I try to keep that private, because I truly wanted to develop on my own. 

In my journey, it has been a struggle with myself, my inner doubts and understanding the true process. It has been less about getting into the elusive handstand or any inversion for that matter. My journey — ever evolving. Evolution of strength, wisdom and courage. To step outside the box. To fall and get back up again. No matter how much my head kept saying to quit, I didn’t.

So, as I share my journey to inversions in this workshop — all I know is that I’ll be honest. I’ve taken plenty of inversion workshops and arm balance/inversion teacher trainings and while I never nailed that handstand there – I knew they were baby steps. Even registering for an inversion workshop took so much courage to muster up!!! 

Authenticity. No visage. I am not a gymnast, but I will share what I have learnt. The key tid-bits from trainings. The journey. 

Are you will to take that small step too?Join me Saturday, March 11, 11-1pm at The Yoga Company San Ramon. Let’s just have fun. Register at http://www.theyogacompany.com. Only a few spots left. 

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

-Shannon L. Alder

Sweet Hips Yin Yoga Sequence

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my Yin Yoga sequences! I wanted to share with you all a recent “Sweet” Hips Yin Yoga sequence I taught my class a few weeks ago. There are many variations of Yin Yoga poses in this sequence to target different Yin tissue. As you invite yourself to these postures, create a willingness to be quiet and really sense what you feel from this place of stillness. You will find from this stillness, there is a greater capacity to understand the tension from the body, your emotions and your thoughts. This calm place will be held with mindfulness and compassion.

As always, please consult with your physician before attempting any of these poses. Come out if you feel like the pose is not serving you. Your body is very intelligent. Listen to it. It’s been waiting for you to listen.

Sweet Hips Yin Yoga Sequence.

Allow yourself to hold in the poses for 3 – 5 minutes on each side.

Opening Meditation. Starting supine. Draw knees into chest and gentle rock from side to side.

1. Happy Baby Pose. 

Allow yourself to choose full or half happy baby pose. In this variation, I used blocks to support my thighs. You can use a yoga strap here if you can’t reach your feet, much like stir-ups. Choose whichever resonates with you. Each day is so different.

2. Squat Pose. (Photo not shown)
If your heels do not touch the ground, you adjust the width of your stance. See if that helps. Alternatively, roll up your mat and place it under your heels if your heels don’t touch. Don’t get attached to getting your heels down. Here’s a recent article about this pose with reference to Bernie Clark’s latest book “Your Body, Your Yoga”. Here’s my plug- If you haven’t gotten his book yet, get it. You’re welcome. 

3. Windshield Wiper Pose. 

This is a variation to get into the lateral portion of the thigh. Use a block under the knee to support it.​​

4. Supine Hamstring Pose. 

I love using yoga straps! Here is a variation that I take so I don’t need to hold the strap. If your leg does not reach as high as mine, don’t sweat it. Come to the pose where you feel it. That’s where the pose begins. (Plus your hamstrings will like you better for that).

5. a) Dragon Low. 

Place hands to the instep of your foot, use blocks or bolster for support. A blanket or towel for the back knee if there are any knee sensitivities. You should feel this in your hip flexor and maybe a bit though your adductor (inner groin). 

5. b) Dragon Splits. 

In this variation, I target the medial hamstrings and adductors. This one is on a diagonal. Use blocks as needed. Ease in, don’t force.

Repeat 5 a& b on side two. (Or else you will be lopsided)

6. Cat Pulling It’s Tail.

In this variation, I attempt to come into this pose from a fetal position. If you can’t reach the back leg, use a strap. Hello quads. 

​7. Deer Pose. 

This is with emphasis on the internal rotation of the back leg. As always, take your time. Come to the pose where you start to feel it. Not too much, not too little but just right. (Yes, it’s the Goldilock’s Principle)

8. Supine Butterfly Pose or any position in closing meditation. (Not shown)

The videos and photos are to help you with the poses. I do have a head cold (stuffed up nose), so I might sound a little congested in the videos. 

Enjoy the sweet bliss in your sweet hips. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Have a sweet one. Thanks for visiting the Yin-side!

Lisa J.



March Inversion Workshop Coming Soon!

Saturday March 11, 2017, 11am-1pm, The Yoga Company San Ramon
Inversion Immersion (All levels)

Being upside down can be a scary for some folks, while for some — they take opportunity to invert any chance they get to. No matter which one you are this workshop is for you.

In this workshop we’ll be working on immersing ourselves into the proper mechanics needed to go into inversions such tripod headstand, supported headstand, forearm balance as well as the elusive handstand.

The walls will be utilized as a tool to help you practice, to free yourself from fears and begin to develop the mental and physical skill set needed for inversions. Use the knowledge gained from this workshop to put into your home practice! Tuition: $35 per student. Space is limited, register early!

Yin Yoga Playlists 

Everybody has different taste in music. I’ve searched and listened to other playlists which for Yin Yoga –have been surprisingly varied. Guitars and lyrics filling my ears, some really toe tapping beats, some sonatas reminding me of wedding ceremonies. These are not bad, just different. 

For myself, I chose songs from recommendations from teachers with similar taste. My teacher Bernie Clark, gave us playlist in his Yin Yoga teacher training and still sometimes posts some good artists on his page. My Acupressure teacher Joseph Carter is a tremendous Riley Lee enthusiast. 

I find no lyrics, one instrument or more introspective music works. I recently shared my playlist to a good friend of mine, so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. Max Richter is an artist that Bernie recommend. I love his “Sleep” album. The next playlist is with the amazing music of Riley Lee.

Remember, music can really set the tone in the class — or as my teacher Clara says “sets the bhav.” What do you want your students to feel? 

Enjoy everyone. Stay tuned for more trainings in 2017.