Energizing Backbends for Multi Level Class

Opening Meditation Seated gentle twists Seated half moon stretches Seated gentle chest stretch Cat/Cow flow Half Surya Walk Downdog First Cobra (repeat 3 times) look over right shoulder, and then left Surya Namaskar A x 2 Surya Namaster B x 2 with high crescent lunges Three legged dog/Flip Dog option Side Plank (option to sweep … More Energizing Backbends for Multi Level Class

Yoga flow

Opening meditation. Sometimes you have to get through the difficult to reap rewards. Hard efforts will pay off. Begin seated finding food Ujjayi pranayama breath. Seated half moon 1 x 2 Chest stretch hands to floor behind and lift hips as an option Tabletop Downdog Walk to forward fold Stack vertebrae to rise up Step … More Yoga flow

So impressed by flow 57

Wow! Looking over Body flow 57 and I see stuff that I’ve incorporated in my yoga flows in the past! Walking planks and side plank with triceps pushup and chair twist to lunge twist! Great minds think alike! Let’s see what’s in store for the next release!

Bird of Paradise – Svarga Dvidasana

Benefits – Balance and Flexibility Leg Strength Hip Opener stretches Groin Opening Meditation with Easy Sukasana Seated side bends (coming back to center and lift thru ribs) Gentle chest stretch Seated gentle twist (clasp hands overhead with gentle twist heart to right and then left) Extended Balasana Table top Table top with shoulder stretches Down … More Bird of Paradise – Svarga Dvidasana


Easy Sukhasana Opening MeditationSeated Side bend From all four toSunbirdsย  Downdog to Forward Fold Open to side – sunflowers Sun Salute Variation AStep back in lunge, knee down, breathe arms up Sun Salute Variation B Vinyasa with double chatarungaAdd Warrior 1Humble WarriorWarrior 1 with Eagle ArmsWarrior 1High LungeWarrior 3Knee lift (arms upStep back into lungeVINYASA … More Flowin’

Core-tastic Flow

Easy Sukasana, Opening Meditation Seated Cat / Cow Sweep arms from ground to overhead, then hands to belly and lift crossed legs x 3 Obliques/Navasana Butterfly Stretch Pointer pulse with Butterfly feet All Fours Cat / Cow Spinal Balance Leg presses up and extend (both sides) x 5 Sunbirds (emphasize core) Downdog Twisted Dog both … More Core-tastic Flow

Vinyasa Flow – Quads and Hamstrings

I created this flow with the emphasis on opening thru the quads and the hamstrings. In addition, I emphasized wrist safety during class. Easy SukasanaSeated Cat/CowSeated TwistSeated Side Bends Hero’s Pose with wrist openers All FoursSpinal Balance Surya Namaskar B x 3 Vinyasa to Lizard Pose (both sides) Three legged dog (both sides)Knee to Nose … More Vinyasa Flow – Quads and Hamstrings

Breath of Fire

In last week’s yoga flow, we stimulated the third chakra — manipura. In the flow, I incorporated the breath of fire. Meditation Reviewing the two locks, mula and uddiyana Cat cow flow Sunbirds (knee to nose flow) Downdog Half Sun-Salutes Surya Namaskara A (x3) Vinyasa with high lunge High lunge into Warrior 3 Warrior 1, … More Breath of Fire