So impressed by flow 57

Wow! Looking over Body flow 57 and I see stuff that I’ve incorporated in my yoga flows in the past! Walking planks and side plank with triceps pushup and chair twist to lunge twist!
Great minds think alike! Let’s see what’s in store for the next release!

Bird of Paradise – Svarga Dvidasana

Benefits –
Balance and Flexibility
Leg Strength
Hip Opener stretches Groin

Opening Meditation with Easy Sukasana

Seated side bends (coming back to center and lift thru ribs)
Gentle chest stretch
Seated gentle twist (clasp hands overhead with gentle twist heart to right and then left)

Extended Balasana
Table top
Table top with shoulder stretches

Down dog (walk it out)

Surya A – 2 times

Surya B – warrior 1 with humble warrior

Down dog with twist

Vinyasa to anjayasana with twist both sides

Vashistasana with push up in between


Vinyasa to
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Warrior 2
Upward crescent
Ardha chandrasana
-repeat this on left-

Plank hold
Elbow plank hold
Repeat several times

Warrior 2
Birds of paradise
–repeat left side

Plank jacks


Seated twists



Easy Sukhasana

Opening Meditation
Seated Side bend

From all four to

Downdog to Forward Fold

Open to side – sunflowers

Sun Salute Variation A
Step back in lunge, knee down, breathe arms up

Sun Salute Variation B

Vinyasa with double chatarunga
Add Warrior 1
Humble Warrior
Warrior 1 with Eagle Arms
Warrior 1
High Lunge
Warrior 3
Knee lift (arms up
Step back into lunge
VINYASA and repeat other side

Knee to chest
Knee to outside right elbow
Knee to  inside left elbow
repeat and then lengthen bottom leg (r) right hand under shoulder, lift to split plank
3-legged dog

Pigeon with corner stretch

Repeat other side

Vinyasa double chat
repeat other side

Extended Puppy



Core-tastic Flow

Easy Sukasana, Opening Meditation

Seated Cat / Cow
Sweep arms from ground to overhead, then hands to belly and lift crossed legs x 3
Butterfly Stretch
Pointer pulse with Butterfly feet

All Fours
Cat / Cow
Spinal Balance
Leg presses up and extend (both sides) x 5
Sunbirds (emphasize core)

Twisted Dog both sides

Half Sun Salutes
Surya Namaskar B x 3
Balancing Stick Pose x 2

Forward Fold with twists

One arm plank holds
Vinyasa (with Plank to ab crunch Plank x 5)

Lunge Namaste Hands
Warrior 3 Namaste Hands (bend and straighten standing leg x 3)
Hands down jump x 3
Plank Vinyasa flow (knee to nose x 5)

Crouching Eagle
Warrior 3 w/ Eagle Arms
Fingertips down to Balance Half Moon
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
One arm plank hold

(do this both sides)

Navasana Cactus arms
Hover legs (R/L, then both)
Boat full, then up to cactus


Praying for my dear student, V

After teaching a yoga class last night, one of my yoga students – “V” came up to me and asked to speak with me privately. She had been experiencing some hip pain over the last two years…somedays would be good, somedays would be more severe pain. Going over family history, she thought that she may have to get hip replacement surgery but after further analysis — they found a mass in her uterus that was hitting a nerve causing the pain in her hips.

V, such a strong woman — noticed severe pain when she entered Locust pose. As she tried to attempt the pose, she realized the pain was too much. Remember, in any asana — pain is a strong indication to come out of the pose. Intensity is ok, pain is not.

She is heading out for an ultrasound today to find out more about the mass. I pray for you, my dear V. You are in my thoughts.

Vinyasa Flow – Quads and Hamstrings

I created this flow with the emphasis on opening thru the quads and the hamstrings. In addition, I emphasized wrist safety during class.

Easy Sukasana
Seated Cat/Cow
Seated Twist
Seated Side Bends

Hero’s Pose with wrist openers

All Fours
Spinal Balance

Surya Namaskar B x 3

Vinyasa to Lizard Pose (both sides)

Three legged dog (both sides)
Knee to Nose both sides

All Fours
Spinal Balance with Quad Stretch

Vinyasa with Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Trikonasana, Reverse Warrior, Warrior 2
Pyramid (do this both sides)

Wide Leg Forward Fold with hamstring stretch focus (fold over right leg, then fold over left)

Dancers Pose

Vinyasa to the ground (balasana)
Modified Camel’s Pose

One Legged King Pigeon Pose Variation (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)


Reclining Twists


Yoga Flow – Outer Hips/Quads

Easy Suhkasana
Opening Meditation

Hands on floor, lengthen the spine and dip the right shoulder and look to the left
Dip the left shoulder and look to the right
(Repeat this action 4 – 5 times with Ujjayi Breathe)

Hands on knees, inhale, lift chest open heart
Exhale, Chin towards chest (Jalandara Bhanda)
(Repeat this action 3 – 5 times – breathe with sound)

With a block, on a horizontal
Pick up block between elbows
Spread fingers apart
Press elbows against block and draw shoulders down and away from ears
Receive energy thru finger tips

On all fours
Ardha Uttanasana
Ardha Uttanasana
Bhujangasana x 3 (warm up spine)
(Repeat 3 times but bhujanasana x 1)

Three-legged dog R
Open Hip (bend knee)
Right leg forward
Sweep right leg forward, left knee down, lunge
(Repeat on left)

Side bend (Standing bananasana) on both sides
Intense standing side bend (IT band stretch)

Ardha Uttanasana
Three-legged dog R
Right leg forward
Sweep right leg forward, left knee down (with blanket) then add twist
(Repeat on the other side)

Shoelace Pose (3 mins each side)
Add fold

Windshield wiper feet

Prone position
R Leg bends at ninety degrees (bring blanket under leg)
Come onto the elbows and lengthen right arm, bend left leg
Reach for the top of the left foot with right hand to add a quad stretch (open thru front of thighs)
Inch left arm forward so you can rest on the ground
(Repeat on other side)

Modified Saddle Pose (lift chest and open front body)


Breath of Fire

In last week’s yoga flow, we stimulated the third chakra — manipura. In the flow, I incorporated the breath of fire.

Reviewing the two locks, mula and uddiyana

Cat cow flow
Sunbirds (knee to nose flow)


Half Sun-Salutes

Surya Namaskara A (x3)

Vinyasa with high lunge

High lunge into Warrior 3

Warrior 1, 2, Extended Right Angle

Balance, Knee lift (Extend, point and flex) then propel back into Warrior 3



Navasana (with breath of fire) and variation to drop right foot then left

final cool down, dandasana


Happy New Year 2012

New Year, New Challenges and Goals…

It’s been a while since I have written in my blog. I’ve been off mostly during the holidays and less inspired to write. Celebrating with friends and family…now back to my love of movement and flow. I have been looking through my notebook of yoga flows that I’ve created and last week, I focused on Bakasana. I lead the class through Surya Namaskar B and we opened up through the hips, worked on building core and arm strength. At the end, we did crow pose.

At the end of class, a participant came up to me and said “I’ve never been able to get low in a wide squat like that — and today, I was able to. Thank you!” Practice may never  bring perfection, but it may bring peace. So today may not be your day to go further. But look for opportunities.

Balance, strength and power flow

Opening Meditation

Seated (Easy Sukasana)
Lateral side bends
Lift chest to sky, hands walk back on earth

All Fours
Cat/Cow (find breath)
Spinal Balance x 2

Surya Namaskar C (arms up) x 2
Surya Namaskar C (variation) – High lunge / Full chatarunga x 2

Uttanasana (grab big toes with peace fingers)
Lunge Right leg – Lizard Pose
Lunge Left leg – Lizard Pose

Three-legged dog
Bend leg, hip opener
Step thru, back to lizard, knee on ground
Shift weight back, hamstring stretch
(complete this on both sides)

Balance – Big Toe Extension (start off with a high knee lift)
Back to knee lift
Warrior 3
(both sides)

Revolved Hand to Big Toe Extension (Parivrrta Hasta Padangusthasana)
Twist (Grab outside of right foot with left hand, extend right hand back, lift chest)
(both sides)

Three legged dog
High lunge into balancing stick
(both sides)

Pigeon on both sides (sleeping pigeon)
chaturunga challenge (3 legged) x 2

Downdog (breath)

Baddha Konosana
Grab toes with peace fingers, lift heart and extend legs (V)
Legs lifted, hands together
Grab toes
Archer’s pose right
Archer’s pose left

Obliques (palms together, shift hands to right then left)


Delicious Yin Yoga Flow – Spine Urinary Bladder Kidneys

Opening Meditation

Seated lateral side bend (easy, both sit bones on ground, don’t overdo it)
All fours – Cat/Cow (focus on Ujayi breath)
Dragon Low to Dragon Twist option (3 min each side)

Half Dragon Splits leg on diagonal explore femur external/internal rotation (3 min each side)


Tadpole (2 mins)
Frog (3 mins)
Windshield wipers

Cat Pulling It’s Tail (with strap) 5 mins
(start off in a reclining twist, then grab strap, loop in foot and extend top leg…then, grab the top of the bottom foot)
(Do both sides)

Supported Supine Butterfly (with strap and bolster) 5 mins
(place boster behind so there is a mild back bend to open up the front of the body…place strap around body/feet so that the muscles are left to relax and no work is required for this pose…simply let go)

Support Bridge Pose (with Block) 3 mins
Lift one leg or both legs – breathe in through nose, out through mouth to release toxins

Supta bhadda konasana


Friday Fun

A short entry today…as I hit mid-afternoon with many things to do on my list! This morning was filled with tons of energy for a cardio-based class. I love teaching on Friday mornings, it is invigorating and leaves me looking forward to a fun-filled weekend. I’m looking to make my class a little more unique and creative.

Today, was a great day to experiment with over 50 students in class. We danced a little and smiled a lot. I feel very blessed to bring fitness and health into peoples’ lives.