Up and coming

Thanks to my students who have been patient with my time off and understanding that I needed to be with my little one for Saturday morning baseball practice and games.  I was hesitant on coming back, but after the flood of emails and outreach — I have decided to come back! What?!?! I’m heading back … More Up and coming

Summer blues? Upcoming events!

Hey guys, A quick note to let you know of my upcoming events.  Saturday, June 3rd 11-1pm Inversion Clinic http://www.theyogacompany.com Saturday, July 8th 11-1pm Arm Balance Session http://www.theyogacompany.com Yin Yoga Module One (20 Hours) Teacher Training Saturday and Sunday’s 12:20pm – 5:20pm August 19, 20, 26 & 27  Register early to get your spot! Hope … More Summer blues? Upcoming events!


It is inevitable, change. We become attached to our classes, our routines, our teachers. Sometimes, we have to let go. I recently had a change in my schedule which needed my complete family presence. I am in process of changing my schedule to accommodate for this change, which ultimately meant giving up a couple of … More Change

Restorative Yoga, what?

“Restoration.” What do you think when you hear that word? For myself, I imagine in my minds’ eye a beautiful antique that has weathered and aged from the environmental stresses then restored because someone actually cared to recapture its essence and beauty. Restorative yoga, to me; is much like this. Classical Restorative, that is. Our … More Restorative Yoga, what?

Go Yin-side: Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop!

I am excited to announce that I’ll be facilitating a special Yin Yoga workshop designed to maximize the release of physical and emotional issues stored in the tissues of the body. This class will specifically target connective tissues around the hips and back. The Yin Yoga practice focuses on the deeper dense tissues of the … More Go Yin-side: Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop!

Yin Yoga Playlists 

Everybody has different taste in music. I’ve searched and listened to other playlists which for Yin Yoga –have been surprisingly varied. Guitars and lyrics filling my ears, some really toe tapping beats, some sonatas reminding me of wedding ceremonies. These are not bad, just different.  For myself, I chose songs from recommendations from teachers with … More Yin Yoga Playlists 

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Update: Chinese Meridian Module

Due to many requests, we have decided to open up this training to those who have a deep Yin Yoga practice and those who want to learn more about the Chinese Meridian Theory. This is the ONLY Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program in the East Bay to offer the hands-on application of Chinese Meridian Theory. … More Yin Yoga Teacher Training Update: Chinese Meridian Module