Save the Date! Yin Yoga Module 2 in the East Bay.

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been invited back to Crunch Fitness Blackhawk location to teach Yin Yoga Module 2: Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians. Here’s a sneak peak of the what the module looks like:

The integration of Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridian Theory for Healing.
Yin Yoga incorporates yoga asana with Chinese Meridian theory. Module 2 focuses on deepening your understanding of the energetic benefits of Yin Yoga, as well as assisted Yin Yoga. Based on Daoism and Chinese Meridian Theory, you will get an expanded approach to the Yin Yoga practice through a strong focus on the energetic dimensions of the body, as well as working with students on a deeper level. You will also learn to integrate a few basic subtle energy sequences in your Yin Yoga practice.
Pre-requisites: You must have taken YIN YOGA FOUNDATIONS module 1 before enrolling into this module or have studied YIN YOGA with another accredited Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider.

For those who have not taken Module 1 and want to enroll in Module 2, please contact Lisa Jang, via email with subject line “Review Enrollment Yin Module 2.” In the body, please explain your experience with Yin Yoga and any other applicable experience or studies before enrolling. Your application will be reviewed. Please allow 7 working days for response.
-Qi (Types, disorders, concepts and functions)
-Meridian Theory
-Meridian Functions
-Meridians and the Zang Fu organs
-Detailed review of each Meridian line *this requires hand-on partner work
-Emotions and the five elements
-Meridian Circuit Clock
-Yin Yoga Poses with respect Meridian Theory
-Yin/Yang flows to integrate with Yin Yoga
-Responsibilities/Ethics of a Teacher

Required texts: (Please purchase by the first day of training)
Complete Guide to Yin Yoga, by Bernie Clark
The Concise Book of Acupoints, by John R. Cross


OCTOBER 12, 13 AND 14, 2018.

Take the next step in your journey. Join me in October!
Special THANK YOU to Crunch Fitness and its amazing team for hosting another Yin Yoga training.

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