“Radiant Release” Yin Yoga Sequence

Since I’ll be away doing more Yoga Teacher Training up North, here is a “Radiant Release” Yin Yoga Sequence for my students who requested something to do at home. The “intention” of this sequence is to clear the mind with unnecessary thoughts. I]This sequence was inspired by the poem “Ten thousand flowers,” by Wu Men.

Ten thousand flowers
by Wu Men
Ten thousand flowers in spring, the moon in autumn
A cool breeze in summer, snow in winter
If your mind is not clouded by unnecessary things
This is the best season of your life

Find a quiet, warm, comfortable space. Make sure you have a strap, block, pillow and blanket. Anything in the house can be used as a substitute: a necktie, many blankets rolled up can act as a pillow, books can be used as a block. Be creative. Don’t stress too much over it. Find what you can. Remember to hold each pose for 3 minutes or longer. Adjust as you need to. Do both sides.

Begin by laying onto your back. Find a sense of calm. Use your breath, let go of the day. Start to draw your attention with generosity and care inwards. Shift. Start to cultivate a sense of investigative quality about your practice without any resistance. This means we become receptive to the present and the nature of our experience. Begin to suspend all your ideas and expectations of the practice and come to the mat with a curious mind. Almost becoming a journeys man on your mat — a mind that is open, curious and stripped of any assumption. We take nothing for granted or accept anything outside of our own direct experience as true.

  1. Knee into Chest (Ardha Apanasana aka Half Pontoon Pose)
    This is very similar to Yin “Dragon” Pose however, this is supine.

2. Eye of the Needle Twist

3. Side Lying Lunge / Half-Saddle Variation

4. Hamstring with Strap

5. StoneHedge Pose (Savasana) with credit to Tianne Allan, my Restorative Yoga Teacher
Take as much time as you need.

Remember, find your own edge in your own practice. Don’t overdo it. You can always do too much of a good thing. Allow yourself to unfold. Always practice conservatively. Enjoy the release and the clarity of the mind. Namaste.

With love and light,

*Check with your physician before any practice.

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