It is inevitable, change. We become attached to our classes, our routines, our teachers. Sometimes, we have to let go.

I recently had a change in my schedule which needed my complete family presence. I am in process of changing my schedule to accommodate for this change, which ultimately meant giving up a couple of my much loved classes.

It is a sudden shift, but sometimes you get a big knock at the door that says “hey, it’s time.” You have nothing but to go with the universal flow and say “thank you.”

I’ve put nothing but 100% and more into my classes. In turn, I don’t expect anything back but am grateful for them showing up in their mats and choosing me as their guide. Heck ya, I’m sad. But isn’t the part of the process? 

Thank you to my students who have always practiced with compassion and openly listen to my thoughts/good intentions knowing that my ideas are not absolute but they are there to inspire a deeper understanding their own journey. What I shared were conversations sparked by my mentors, teachers, healers and students. 

Remember what I say all the time (something that resonated with me when my teacher said this):

Listen not to remember everything that you hear – but rather sense what touches you that you know to be true in your heart. Otherwise, just let it pass through. 

Remember that I’ve always taught with nothing but love from my heart. Until we meet again, om shanti. Peace. Peace. Peace. 

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