In two weeks, I will be teaching my first inversion workshop. Yin Yoga Lisa, you might ask? I hardly see her going upside down!

Most folks who know my personal practice know I try my best to balance the Yin and the Yang. That’s all they know. However, I do have a handful of my friends see my journey and my struggle on my yoga mat. I try to keep that private, because I truly wanted to develop on my own. 

In my journey, it has been a struggle with myself, my inner doubts and understanding the true process. It has been less about getting into the elusive handstand or any inversion for that matter. My journey — ever evolving. Evolution of strength, wisdom and courage. To step outside the box. To fall and get back up again. No matter how much my head kept saying to quit, I didn’t.

So, as I share my journey to inversions in this workshop — all I know is that I’ll be honest. I’ve taken plenty of inversion workshops and arm balance/inversion teacher trainings and while I never nailed that handstand there – I knew they were baby steps. Even registering for an inversion workshop took so much courage to muster up!!! 

Authenticity. No visage. I am not a gymnast, but I will share what I have learnt. The key tid-bits from trainings. The journey. 

Are you will to take that small step too?Join me Saturday, March 11, 11-1pm at The Yoga Company San Ramon. Let’s just have fun. Register at Only a few spots left. 

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

-Shannon L. Alder

3 thoughts on “Authenticity 

  1. I wish I was closer. I would love to come.
    I occasionally take an inversion workshop, but I am firmly attached to the ground.
    I only found yoga in 2013, at 42. Although I practice daily and my body continues to change, it is the mental stillness that brings me to my mat.
    I find it in yin and in ashtanga and vinyasa flow. I love it all. It is a celebration of life in different forms.

    But inversions make me anxious. So I take very small moves in that direction. I just don’t feel a handstand is the difference I need.

    I’m sure your students will greatly appreciate knowing that you struggled. It is through the hard challenges that we grow. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be as worth it.


    1. Would love to have had you come. Yes, it made me anxious and scared! My first handstand? Two people lifted me up. Two. I immediately said “put me down now!” It has definitely and still is a journey. Hugs! Lisa

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