Sweet Hips Yin Yoga Sequence

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my Yin Yoga sequences! I wanted to share with you all a recent “Sweet” Hips Yin Yoga sequence I taught my class a few weeks ago. There are many variations of Yin Yoga poses in this sequence to target different Yin tissue. As you invite yourself to these postures, create a willingness to be quiet and really sense what you feel from this place of stillness. You will find from this stillness, there is a greater capacity to understand the tension from the body, your emotions and your thoughts. This calm place will be held with mindfulness and compassion.

As always, please consult with your physician before attempting any of these poses. Come out if you feel like the pose is not serving you. Your body is very intelligent. Listen to it. It’s been waiting for you to listen.

Sweet Hips Yin Yoga Sequence.

Allow yourself to hold in the poses for 3 – 5 minutes on each side.

Opening Meditation. Starting supine. Draw knees into chest and gentle rock from side to side.

1. Happy Baby Pose. 

Allow yourself to choose full or half happy baby pose. In this variation, I used blocks to support my thighs. You can use a yoga strap here if you can’t reach your feet, much like stir-ups. Choose whichever resonates with you. Each day is so different.

2. Squat Pose. (Photo not shown)
If your heels do not touch the ground, you adjust the width of your stance. See if that helps. Alternatively, roll up your mat and place it under your heels if your heels don’t touch. Don’t get attached to getting your heels down. Here’s a recent article about this pose with reference to Bernie Clark’s latest book “Your Body, Your Yoga”. Here’s my plug- If you haven’t gotten his book yet, get it. You’re welcome. 

3. Windshield Wiper Pose. 

This is a variation to get into the lateral portion of the thigh. Use a block under the knee to support it.​​

4. Supine Hamstring Pose. 

I love using yoga straps! Here is a variation that I take so I don’t need to hold the strap. If your leg does not reach as high as mine, don’t sweat it. Come to the pose where you feel it. That’s where the pose begins. (Plus your hamstrings will like you better for that).

5. a) Dragon Low. 

Place hands to the instep of your foot, use blocks or bolster for support. A blanket or towel for the back knee if there are any knee sensitivities. You should feel this in your hip flexor and maybe a bit though your adductor (inner groin). 

5. b) Dragon Splits. 

In this variation, I target the medial hamstrings and adductors. This one is on a diagonal. Use blocks as needed. Ease in, don’t force.

Repeat 5 a& b on side two. (Or else you will be lopsided)

6. Cat Pulling It’s Tail.

In this variation, I attempt to come into this pose from a fetal position. If you can’t reach the back leg, use a strap. Hello quads. 

​7. Deer Pose. 

This is with emphasis on the internal rotation of the back leg. As always, take your time. Come to the pose where you start to feel it. Not too much, not too little but just right. (Yes, it’s the Goldilock’s Principle)

8. Supine Butterfly Pose or any position in closing meditation. (Not shown)

The videos and photos are to help you with the poses. I do have a head cold (stuffed up nose), so I might sound a little congested in the videos. 

Enjoy the sweet bliss in your sweet hips. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Have a sweet one. Thanks for visiting the Yin-side!

Lisa J.



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