Yin Yoga Playlists 

Everybody has different taste in music. I’ve searched and listened to other playlists which for Yin Yoga –have been surprisingly varied. Guitars and lyrics filling my ears, some really toe tapping beats, some sonatas reminding me of wedding ceremonies. These are not bad, just different. 

For myself, I chose songs from recommendations from teachers with similar taste. My teacher Bernie Clark, gave us playlist in his Yin Yoga teacher training and still sometimes posts some good artists on his page. My Acupressure teacher Joseph Carter is a tremendous Riley Lee enthusiast. 

I find no lyrics, one instrument or more introspective music works. I recently shared my playlist to a good friend of mine, so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you. Max Richter is an artist that Bernie recommend. I love his “Sleep” album. The next playlist is with the amazing music of Riley Lee.

Remember, music can really set the tone in the class — or as my teacher Clara says “sets the bhav.” What do you want your students to feel? 

Enjoy everyone. Stay tuned for more trainings in 2017. 

4 thoughts on “Yin Yoga Playlists 

  1. Thank you!
    I vary things. I even have a heavy metal playlist for yin ish classes I teach at a local treatment centre.

    And I have a Christmas yin playlist for this season.

    I find where I teach impacts my choices. I often teach at a very busy and noisy room at the YMCA. For this I try to include some songs with words and some instrumentals.

    For me, I have found that the music can be another meditative focal point. If the breath or body isn’t doing it for me, sometimes the songs can.


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