Never Waste An Opportunity to Tell Someone You Love Them

Last night I had a bad dream. A bad dream is a nightmare. Why do we have nightmares? Stress? Things that we see? Things that we read before heading to sweet slumber?

So I traced my activities for the day. It was a typical busy Thursday. Four classes with a little league game in between and my kid’s open house at school. Dinner came at 8:30pm and as a family, we decided to go for Vietnamese Pho Noodles — since all the other restaurants that were streaming the live basketball game were packed. Was it carb overload?

I realized that it may have been triggered by a blog post that I had written in February of 2015. See: I remember going back to read my old blog posts. Or maybe it’s reading the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna in the epic book Bhagava Gita (yes, I am reading it again).

My nightmare? Losing my older sibling. I tried to brush it off this morning. “Ah, it’s just a nightmare, don’t worry,” I said to myself. I kept thinking. Tears ran down my face uncontrollably. My heart sunk. I don’t see my brother everyday, nor do we chat everyday. I feel like a little sister does — my big brother will always be there for me, to protect me. Or maybe not? Could this be true?

I grabbed my phone.
Good Morning!!!!! I just wanted to say hi and I had a bad dream. Must be all the carbs I ate yesterday. LOL. Anyhow, stay safe your sis loves you.

I’ve told him plenty of times I loved him. Today felt urgent. Turns out he has some things going on and he needs to take care of himself. Wow. Maybe in some way the universe was telling me to reach out to him. I’m glad I did.

I’m still upset, emotional and crying. Not a bad thing here. Just know it’s simply natural human feeling and growth as it’s shaping me. I plan some quality time on my mat today so I can clear this and send my good intentions to my brother.

Nightmare or not. Today is the day. Take opportunity to tell someone who you love that you love them. I love you, Rick!


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