Yinspired by Inside Lines: Yin Yoga for Kidney Meridian

The Kidney Meridian represents the Yin aspect of the Water Element. The meridian channel has twenty-seven (27) acupoints from the medial aspect of the foot and loops back onto itself before ascending the medial aspect of the leg and anterior aspect of the abdomen and chest to end on the medial aspect of the collar bone. An internal channel leaves Kidney 11 at the groin and supplies the kidney, bladder, lower spine, stomach, diaphragm and mouth with a further internal channel leaving Kidney Point 27 towards the throat. See diagram from Bernie Clark’s Yin Yoga site.

This Yin Yoga flow was created with the intention to tonify the Kidney Meridian. It’s function is to regulate water balance within the body, and keep the fire heart cool, according to the McKinnon Acupressure Manual. In addition, when we exhaust our stores of yin energy, the result is fatigue. When the heart fire is not cool, complaints about anxiety, panic attacks, etc can be traced to an empty kidney meridian. As always, please consult a physician before attempting any exercise. All the poses below should be held for 3-5 minutes unless otherwise indicated. Remember, the Meridian lines are a map that is useful to myself and maybe you. 

  1. Start off in opening meditation, laying down on your back (supine).
    You may choose to do a supported supine butterfly pose or pentacle pose (laying down on your back with the arms and legs out like a star)
  2. Draw knees into chest (Ardha Apanasana) and rock from side to side, circle knees, do what resonates with you for a few cycles of breath.
  3. Series on Right Leg
    1. Supine Half Happy Baby Pose (Half Butterfly option on other leg)
    2. Supine Modified Half Happy Baby Pose (Half Butterfly option on other leg and feel the difference in positioning of leg, the pose should be felt in the inner groin tissue)  
    3. Supine Hamstring Stretch for a few breaths then move your leg into B position.  (Half Butterfly option on other leg) 
  4. Repeat the series above with the Left Leg
  5. Option, both legs up the strap and pause there for a few cycles of breath.
  6. Squat (Malasana)  
  7. Seated Dragonfly Pose (I’ve shown knees bent variation here)  
  8. Dragon Pose
    1. A minute and a half in Baby Dragon  
    2. A minute and a half in Winged Dragon (photo not shown here, but click on this link to see what it looks like).
  9. Deer Pose  
  10. Frog Pose (Tadpole Option) 
  11. Supine Twist (option Twist Roots)  
  12. Savasana

Remember to pause in between each pose, stay and observe or move a bit. Getting into Yin tissue takes time, patience and immense inner listening. Remember, you should come to the pose where it’s your own threshold. Where the pose is not straining, but interesting enough for you to stay in and observe. 

Photo credit: https://bousbous.com

2 thoughts on “Yinspired by Inside Lines: Yin Yoga for Kidney Meridian

    1. Hi Anne! Yes, I recommend
      The Concise Book of Acupoints, by John R. Cross that I use for my Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2nd Module. It’s the same book I used when I did Acupressure training. πŸ™‚

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