Yin Yoga: The Three-Part Daoist Breath

Daoist (Taoist) breathing system has been used for centuries. This technique allows you to connect with your chi (qi), slow down breathing (inhales and exhales) and to smooth out physical tension, astral or emotional blockages, and calm the mind.

I initially learnt the Three-Part Daoist breath from Bernie Clark, and subsequently again when I met Paul & Suzee Grilley. Both had their subtle variations. Paul & Suzee did a Four-Part Daoist  breath standing. Bernie showed us the seated variation. The variation I’ve shown in the video I have is similar but not exact.

Remember, the INTENTION is to improve quality of breath, the help you feel more alive and build your chi. Take your time, repeat as many times as you like. Find a quiet space and any comfortable seated position.

First, close your eyes. Take a moment to place your mind in the area of energy, whether it is the Dantian, other chakras or your hands. Use your mind to cultivate, move and empower the chi (energy).

  1. Inhale. Using the middle fingers or palm, guide the chi up as you lift your arms overhead.
  2. Exhale. Bring your hands behind your head and use your palms to push energy out to the sides. You may drop your head a little.
  3. Inhale. Bend your elbows and using the fingertips to shoulders softly. You may want to lift your heart and let your third eye (between the eyebrows – upper dantian) lift slightly.
  4. Exhale. Use your palms forward, push palms and round your back, let your chin go down towards your chest.
  5. Inhale. Turn your palms up from upper dantian. lifting the chi maybe looking up as you arch your upper back.
  6. Exhale. Descend the chi with your palms down in front of lower dantian in front of navel. You may want to pause here and inhale, expand belly, exhale relax and repeat for a few respirations. You may want to start again at step 1 or finish.

I’m forever grateful for my teachers Bernie Clark, Diana Batts from Vancouver, BC CANADA. Last but not least, gratitude to Paul & Suzee Grilley.

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