Bye Bye buggy 

The past few days have been a haze. Without my vessel, my body, I was unable to function normally. What I suddenly woke up to on Thursday at 1am was a virus, a bug — that left me in the bathroom for the rest of the night. I fought so hard. I nestled into child’s pose. I even tried mayurasana to get the “poison” out. I didn’t have any strength. 

By the time 4am came around, my mind was not listening to my body. I put on my clothes and make up. Drank some tea and ate crackers. Then, left to teach my 5:30am sculpting class. 

The students were so forgiving. It was perfect choreography but less energy and less model weight-lifting on my part. Ahhh…after the class I felt accomplished, like I had beat the darn bug.

Next was teaching Yin at 6:30am. Lights off, I’m on this central nervous system high. I’ve got this! Just drink more water!!!! Whew. Made it. 

8:45am. My yang yin class. I’m introduced to a new student who has physical limitations. Mind spinning. My body is tired, stomach churning but I keep thinking I’ve got this! I sure hope she comes back.

Crash. I’m at home. Eating bananas, toast, applesauce. Nestled under my favorite blanket with a cold sweat and chills. My body is mad at me. The bug is winning.

I needed to pull back. I didn’t listen. The expectation from what I did every single Thursday was set. I needed to pull back and put that expectation aside. I had caught a stomach virus. My body needed to rest to fight the infection.

My vessel collapsed. Relapsed. Was gasping for rest. “How is the bug going to bye bye if you can’t rest?” I asked myself.

After 5 days of no sleep and abdominal pain, I finally needed to get medical attention. Thank goodness for doctors. They are the healers of the garden.

As I reflect, I’m thankful for my body. For my organs. For the functionality. For what it gives me everyday. It’s not the perfect J-Lo body I crave, but it’s my temple. Be thankful for what you have and in that gratitude is contentment.

Bye Bye buggy!

One thought on “Bye Bye buggy 

  1. Yay! Glad your on the mend. Don’t comeback to soon if your not up for it though. We will muddle along just fine until your ready to be you again.

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