Here’s a wonderful pose that opens the pectoral and bicep tissue. It’s almost like a chest stretch if you take you palm to the wall and turn your body away from the arm at the wall. I’ve heard this pose called “Open Wing” and “5-Point Arm Pigeon.”

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Yin meridians stimulated are: Lungs (LU), Heart (HT), and Pericardium (PC).  These are metal and fire elements of the 5-Element Theory.

Pregnancy option: Seated comfortably interlace fingers behind (or use strap) behind and open chest.

Have a block and/or blanket available just in case. I typically marinate in this pose between 1-3 minutes. Remember to come out if there is any painful or electric sensation. Make sure you do both sides.  Enjoy!




    1. Hi Jessica! Just like in the video I posted, I use the block or blanket under my head for support. Remember that you can always play with the way you angle your arm too. Sometimes I extend my arm straight to the side, but lately I like it on a diagonal — it gets different tissue in my forearm. Try it, you might like it! Thanks for the feedback on my site. Namaste.

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