Yin Yoga: Twisted Branches Pose

I was recently asked by a fellow yogini and reader what “Twisted Branches” pose was. There are different names to this pose, some yinsters call it “Crushed Wings.” If you look at the pose, it’s almost like garudasana or eagle arms in a prone position. 

I love this pose because it gets into my shoulders (especially posterior) and upper back. Every BODY is different, I’ve shown in my video clip here different options. Remember, if there is any pain or electrical sensation to come out. Your body is warning you and protecting you.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the yang meridians stimulated are: Small Intestine (SI), Large Intestine (LI) and Triple Warmer/Triple Burner (TW) lines. These are metal and fire elements of the 5-Element Theory. 

Pregnancy option: Seated comfortably with Eagle Arms (Garudasana arms).

Similar poses: Thread the Needle (from all fours, thread one arm under and let head rest on floor)

Have a block and/or blanket available just in case. I typically marinate in this pose between 1-3 minutes. Make sure you do both sides.  Enjoy!

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