Yin Yoga: The Golden Seed Sequence

The Golden Seed was created by Paul and Suzee Grilley, a yang sequence to move energy (chi) from the environment and in the body. Move with awareness. Cultivate the chi and use your breath to move mindfully. As always, please consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen. 

Below presents my interpretation of the Golden Seed. It’s a combination of what I learnt from Bernie Clark and Suzee Grilley. 

First. Stand with your feed shoulder width apart and place hands in front of you abdomen with the palmar side facing up. Find your breath, calm and conscious.

1. Inhale circle your arms up to gather chi from the environment, bring your arms overhead

2. Make a loop overhead and cross your wrists as you squat into a Goddess Squat position and push palm our towards the sides. This is called “Open Horse”

3. Pivot feet, parallel feet and come into a wide leg forward fold (not shown). Let the arms rest on the ground. This is called “Elephant lays its Trunk.” 

4. Pivot right foot approximately 45 degrees and place right hand down the center of your mat. Turn from navel up through the torso as you inhale, sending left arm skywards

5. Repeat other side

Yin Yoga: The Golden Seed
6. Return to Elephant Lays its Trunk 

7. Soften your knees and start to draw up earth Chi as you coil up to rise. 

8. Inhale arms at chest level, palms face up

9. Exhale stretch palms upwards and sink down into Goddess Squat position (Open Horse).


Yin Yoga:The Golden Seed
10. Draw your heart forward, as you hinge forward from the hips into “Drinking Bird” 

11. Slowly rise up, gather chi as palms face up (imagine chi (energy ball))

12. Sink chi, Palms face down. 

Yin Yoga: The Golden Seed


Repeat and enjoy!

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