Yin Yoga Sequence for Feet

Well…not only feet. This involves the ankles, Achilles’ tendon, the calves. Here’s a sweet, short sequence for feet. Be careful of your knees, remember — this should target tissues of the lower segment of the legs. Always consult a physician before starting. Remember, everyBODY is different. Ease in, listen and stay present. Let’s hope you feel like you have had a nice foot massage after this sequence! 

  1. Seated Japanese Seiza Pose (5 min)
  2. Butterfly Zipper Toes (5min)
  3. Half Toe Squat (inspired by Suzee Grilley) (3-5 min)
  4. Overstepping Dragon (3-5 min) 
  5. Half Dragon Splits (Dorsi Flexion) (3 min)
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 on other leg
  7. Ankle Squat (3 min)
  8. Dangling Pose with Mat Roll (2 min)
  9. Half Dangling on Mat Roll: Alternate, bend one knee, draw opposite heel down (1 min each side) 
  10. Savanana 

Happy Feet!

Sweet Feet Yin Yoga Sequence

Sweet Feet Yin Yoga sequence

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