BodyFlow® Release 67 Review

“Slow, quiet…it asks you to select exactly in your practice what your body needs for today.” Excerpt from the introduction of the release. Here’s my thoughts of the release. Remember: these are purely my thoughts and do not reflect Les Mills International.

Track 1. Tai Chi – Stay High
It starts right away, moving into hips and shoulders. Easing the breath in. I like the lifting of the heart space as we pull our hands back. I have to admit that if you don’t find that exact “in between” of effortlessness and strength, your shoulders will get tired.

Track 2. Sun salutations – Help me lose my Mind
Simple, but if you allow yourself to experience the movement instead of thinking of this as Surya Namaskar C variation, it’s beautiful. Feel it with the music as you do it. Lift your heart as you clasp your hands behind you.

Track 3. Standing Strength – Free/XO
Talk about strength! Super strong track with lots of warrior variations! We start off in lunges to joyous warriors to unsupported warriors demanding more core and leg strength. Then we open hips and shoulders even more with humble warrior at the end with extended side angle to complete this track.

Track 4. Balance – Stay with me – Sam Smith
Nice short track. This one is also about experiencing the postures to what your body has to offer today.

Track 5. Hips – Mirrors Justin Timberlake
This is amazing!!! This is one of the longest hip tracks in BodyFlow. From low lunges to adjusting the lunge to get more in the hip flexor. Then holding more seated hip openers and ending with swan!

Track 6. Core – Abdominals – Like you can – Sam Smith
Ouch! For a short two and a half minute track, it’s effective! I honestly love the burn and the simplicity of learning the choreography! Thank you Jackie and Diana!

Track 7. Core – Back – Mine
Let me start off by saying that the sequencing or prelude prior to this track is so on target. Our hips are open. Our shoulders are strong and chest is open. Our core is on. All elements needed for a good wheel pose.
It starts with reverse tabletop. I love reverse tabletop because it’s so good for strengthening the upper back! Then we hold camel to where our bodies want to go. More tricep and core work next and we land supine for bridge. The option is to go into full backbend or wheel pose. It feels magnificent when everything is open and ready to go!

Track 8. Twists – Not over you
After we are exhilarated in our back track, we venture to twists release the spine. Still get some warmth here, especially in our lunge twist.

Track 9. Forward Folds –
Who else loves “A case of loving you?” By James Blake? This one is a keeper, I just melt into the seated side bends and the fold in straddle. I like 9a but let’s just go to 9b and press repeat twice.

Thanks again the the Les Mills team for their work in putting these releases together. This one is like a slow crescendo and reaches it’s peak and there is a sweet lullaby at the end. Get lost inside the experience. The magic. The magic it brings outside of yourself. There’s a feeling of potential without so much expectation. It feels good. Period.

What do you think of the new release? If you haven’t tried it, here’s a trailer:

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