Yin Yoga Pose of the Month (November)

Feature: Eye of the Needle

Sometimes we need to tap into the beauty of the wood element (growth, energy, spring) during this time to reignite creativity and vision. Eye of the Needle pose is said to get into the gall bladder meridian (paired with liver). In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the gall bladder is wood yang and liver is wood yin.

How to get into this pose:

Begin supine. Bend knees with soles of feet on the ground, feet hip width. Extend one leg, flex foot.

Preparation for Eye of the Needle Pose


#1. Track 1. Cross right ankle on left thigh. This may be enough. If you feel your right outer hip and/or gluteal at a manageable edge then stay here.

Eye of the Needle Pose, Option 1.


#2. Track 2. Use props. You can play with your edge by using a block and gently adding a little pressure on the right thigh.

Eye of the Needle, Option 2 with a yoga block.


#3. This is the fullest expression. Lift both legs and thread your right hand through the center while reaching your left hand around left leg to hold the right hand (you can either lace your hand around the shinbone (as shown) or behind the left hamstring).

Eye of the Needle Pose


Final note:
You can also perform this at the wall (wall yin). Find what works for you. Everyday is different. I typically hold this pose for a minimum of three minutes. As always, listen to your edges. Be sure to flex your foot to keep integrity in your knee. Come out slowly when you are done and enjoy the sensation.


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