Yin Yoga Pose of the Month (October)

Feature: Toe Squat

This month I’m featuring the “Toe Squat,” also referenced as “Broken Toe Pose.” Personally, I prefer to call it “Toe Squat.”
This pose is quite juicy. It’s not for everyone. I find this pose challenging for a lot of my students. There’s options.

How to get into the pose:

First, come to all fours (on hands and knees). Bring your feet together and your toes under and also adjust your pinky toes as well. Make sure you are more on the ball of your feet as opposed to directly on the toes.

#1. In the first photo (top left), I’ve shown the option of keeping your hands down on the ground. For many folks, this is very juicy and they stay here.

#2. In the second photo (top right) is the full toe squat. Stay calm and connected to your breath. This one is not easy! You can stand up on your knees (photo not shown) if you need to back off. Listen to your body.

#3. In the third photo (bottom left), I’ve shown it with an option of foam blocks (you can use a rolled up blanket or bolster as well) under the knees. I learnt this variation from one of my early morning Yin students (Phil). He found this variation worked his manageable edge.

#4. In the final photo, I’m sitting on blocks. Some students prefer this one. Again, there are many variations and props your students can use.

Final note:
This pose works the toes, ankles and the plantar fascia. Again, find your own edge. I normally sit in this pose for three minutes. If it’s too long or if any pain in the knees or feet, come out. Honor your body. As always, check with your physician before starting any type of exercise.


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