Les Mills Bodyflow® 65 Review


Never judge a book by it’s cover! At first glance, the cover of the album shows a model doing a headstand (sirsasana A). I sat there and asked myself “How will this pose fit in to the flow with many who have never been in a headstand?” Yikes! Relief was ahead when I reviewed the choreography. Disclaimer: This is purely my review, my thoughts on the release.

Track 1. Tai Chi
Song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry Feat. Juicy J.
At first, it’s hard to learn the bird’s tail movement. As the sequence repeats, people start to understand the movement and enjoy it. I would recommend that as we twist, not to go so far in the beginning. It’s a beginning track, so have people ease into it and work within their own range of movement.

Track 2. Sun Salutations
Song: Take Care by Drake feat. Rihanna
This song has great beats! This sequence has warmth and simplicity in it, which is welcomed. We start off in wider than normal stance and get deep into the hips. The side bends in the middle are delicious and bonus is another sun salutation with an option to jump to the hands.

Track 3. Standing Strength
Song: Ordinary Love by Peaceful Gate
We move back and forth from reverse warrior to reverse triangle pose. Seamlessly, we end up into triangle pose into extended side angle with an option to bind. Great sequence to the music, I would just add more chest stretch in the beginning before going into the bind.

Track 4. Balance
Song: Strange Birds by Birdy
Great track, love the way this flows. It’s so different from the past releases. We move from a lunge to standing splits to warrior 3. I like the transition from eagle pose to another well-thought sequence of lunge to balancing half moon.

Track 5. Hips
Song: Hold on, We’re going home by Drake feat Majid Jordan
This one is a winner!!! I love the length of this track and how we get to come back to the low lunge twice before heading to swan pose. People melt into swan pose and you can see them relax into it. The song is sweet and smooth, perfect to mellow out in this juicy hip track.

Track 6. Abs/Core
Song: Happy by C2C Feat. Derek Martin
I just wanna dance when I hear this upbeat song! This track is one that people will remember. I love the butterfly feet claps, and so do my students. Halfway through the track they are moaning. Then, round two — they can’t help to repeat because the song is so catchy. I totally feel this one each time I teach it, and by the moans I hear from my students — they do too!

Trackk 7. Back/Core
Song: Counting Starts by One Republic
We start off in bridge pose — a great way to stretch the belly after that hard ab track prior. Then we have to stabilize the hips as we walk the feet. I love the transition to side plank and more core work. I said it here. The transitions are seamless in this track. It makes sense and it will make you stronger!

Track 8. Twists
Song: You by Nathaniel
Simple and sweet. I can’t say more about this. I always look forward to this track.

Track 9. Forward Folds
Song: Falling Slowly/How Long will I love you by Glen Hansard & Markela Irglova/Ellie Goulding
Hold back the tears. Or smile. This track brings so many emotions. I have to say this one is going to the top of my favorite list. We stand up to repeat the Tai Chi movement and there’s a part where the song crescendos and we have nothing left but to let go and come to a wide leg forward fold. That’s where tears sometimes well up in my eyes. I’m totally in love with the first part of the track. As we head into How Long Will I love you track — I feel it’s better just to forget one of the pose so we can have more time to lay in the supine hamstring stretch.

Overall, this a solid release. I’m looking forward to seeing what songs and moves they chose for the next release. What are your thoughts if you’ve tried it? If you haven’t tried a BodyFlow class check out the Les Mills website for a complete listing of class offerings at gym near you.


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