Yin Sequence for Grief

The life cycle. In every life exists pain, illness, loss and death.
I wrote this sequence for my dear friend Lyda, who recently lost her father. This flow gets into the heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidney meridians. All emotions that may come up after losing someone include worry, sadness, anger, and fear. The key is the ocean breath as these emotions may start to appear in the poses/sequence below. As always, consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

Opening Meditation (allow time to center)

Child’s Pose – 5 minutes

Child’s Pose Balasana @lisajyoga

Cat/Cow – 1 minute
Anahastasana – 5 minutes

Anahastasana Lisa Jang Yoga
Yin Melting Heart Pose Anahastasana @lisajyoga

Sphinx Pose with blanket roll under belly to compress stomach organ – 6 minutes

Yin Sphinx Yoga Pose @lisajangyoga
Yin Sphinx Pose @lisajyoga

Gate pose (block under knee) – 1-2 minutes each side (no picture shown) This is a shorter hold since it is more yang like.
Dragon Low – 4 minutes each side

Yin Yoga Dragon @lisajangyoga
Yin Yoga Dragon Low Lunge @lisajangyoga

Sleeping Swan – 4 minutes each side (no picture shown)
Supine Cowface Arms – 3 minutes each side (this one is from the Spine Elixir workshop I took with Tiffany Cruikshank – thank you for this one)

Yin Yoga Cowface Arms @lisajangyoga
Supine Cowface Arms Yin Yoga @lisajangyoga


We allow some time after each pose to pause. To feel the sensation. This sequence is meant to be 60 minutes.

4 thoughts on “Yin Sequence for Grief

  1. I love the intention behind this yin flow & would love to integrate some of the elements into my own yin practice. I don’t understand how a block would be used in the gate pose under a knee. Would the grounded knee then be elevated? Or would a bolster or folded towel be adequate for cushioning this joint? I’m visualizing the classic Parighasana with a lateral fold incorporated. Is there a different variation of this posture for a yin practice? I appreciate any clarification. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, it is placed under the grounded knee and should be a foam block. It seems to give more space for the ankle. You CAN use a blanket. Remember, my intention here is to open the upper body, as long as we get into the side body stretch into the lung meridian, thats the main intention. You can also use the wall. http://www.yogajournal.com/article/practice-section/space-odyssey/ (see this article). In my sequence, I lean towards that extended leg and drap the arm over my head, so its not too rigid. For example, my left knee grounded, extended right leg. I lean to right side and drape my left arm over the head, palm/fingers face down as i gently wrap fingers around the right side of my head. Head faces anyway comfortable. Feel side body open up…😊 hope this makes sense! 🙏

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