I took a warm Yin class while
I was in Canada and the teacher themed it “use your intuition.” As a yoga teacher, it sparked my interest–I thought it was clever to theme “Intuition” especially when I knew as I glanced at the general class population many folks in the class had something going on in their bodies.

As class progressed, I watched with intent. I glanced around, as the inner teacher in me wanted to see folks taking variations that worked best for their bodies. I listened to the teacher with curiosity. Then, I went back to my own practice. My intuition told me to be methodical. It was a yin evening, I didn’t want to go to my edge. I knew exactly what my body needed. Then the inner teacher in me observed again. Good, I thought. As I looked around, I knew others were being mindful in their practice as well. Back to my mat. The practice now went beyond physical. Intuition, I thought…It had me reflect on stages of my life while we were in the postures.

The class went on. The teacher then explained that she was once a famous Radio Personality and gave it up. Her gut told her she was on the wrong path. It was a fabulous job, but she wasn’t happy…

At one point of my life I was flying by the seat of my pants. Taking risks and listening to my intuition. I wanted to move away from home, I knew my mother was opposed to it. It was something I felt I needed to do. Experience the world on my own.
I always said to myself “If it was meant to be, God will guide me there.” Just when I thought that it was not to be, an opportunity came up — should I take it or not?

God must of put it there for me. Should I go? Should I listen to my heart? My heart was longing for certainty in a world that seemed unstable, almost chaotic. There it was. The opportunity of a new stable job. Away from home. In a different country. My Mom didn’t want me to leave. She was my rock in for my whole life. I needed to be my own rock. My gut said yes.

My mind was ignited… Asking
“What if? What if I don’t?
Try it, you might like it…go with your gut”

Many of my readers know I took the opportunity which lead me to today. I didn’t want to ask myself “What if? What if I don’t? Retrace my past… ” Regret not taking the road less travelled. There’s another question that they don’t tell you about.

At the end it was just me being on my mat. Just me. I asked myself the other question…”what if I didn’t move and stayed at home? Would I have been just as happy?” As she played Claire Du Lune tears started streaming down my eyes. It was bittersweet. I knew this question was always going to be there no matter what. However, the present is what I have. It’s true. The present is a gift. I love my hometown but my home is my family….my husband and kids. I love my friends and my “married” family. Through the yin practice I had a sense of clarity. I was exactly where I needed to be. Yes. Bittersweet. The promise I made to myself on my mat: I could visit my hometown more often. Maybe in my lifetime I will move back when there’s an opportunity. I know the path I took in life were guided by a greater being, my intuition and my heart.

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