Hello Thighs And Chest Opener Sequence

This sequence is for Sheila, my dear yogini friend- who asked that I post the sequence I did on Wednesday.

Opening mediation- Roll mat and place under scapula, arms cactus or however comfortable (5 mins)
Roll to side
Seated chest stretch (clasp hands behind)
Downdog (emphasis on chest opening-draw forehead to mat)
Anahastasana (Puppy pose – I call it Melting Heart yin style)
Cobras and up dogs (3-4 times)
Forward Fold (add clasped hands)

*Urdva hastasana with hooked thumbs, then release and
Clasped hands lift chest fold forward
Release hands forward fold
Knees chest chin
Downdog* (repeat 2x-3x)

Surya A Regular

3-leg dog, open dog
Lunge to long stance parsvo (Pyramid pose) back and for 3x
(Repeat other side)

Surya B with lunge instead of Vira A
Vinyasa – Cobra to an “easy” Rajakapotasana (see below- like hamstring curls)
(Note: this picture shows me at the wall, but the sequence is not at the wall)
(repeat other side)

3-leg dog, open dog
Anjayasana (side stretch added)
High crescent lunge (Charlie’s angels mudra)
Easy Lunge twist (Hand to ground, other arm up)
Side plank to wild thing (hand to heart)
Vinyasa with Rajakapotasana
(repeat other side)

Surya B
Rajakapotasana with one bent leg turn backwards to janu Sirasana to upward spiral on knees and come back to Rajakapotasana
Vira 1 with lift arms cactus style up and down 3x
*repeat this sequence 3x (I learnt this sequence from my teacher training with Kathryn B)
(repeat other side)

Vira 1 with Eagle Arms
Step up eagle pose
Vinyasa (repeat other side)

humble warrior
Vinyasa with Rajakapotasana
(repeat other side)

Gate Pose to kneeling kapinjalasana
(repeat other side)

Vinyasa flip dog
(repeat other side)

Camel pose X2

Falling Camel Variation

Child’s Pose

Happy baby
Supine twist

Seated forward fold (Halasana option)


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