Growing into Adolescent Crow Pose

This pose is from a teacher training I recently took with the ever so inspiring and beautiful Kathryn Budig. In our arm balance training, she showed us an asymmetrical bakasana (crow pose) which she saw Michael Franti do.

Before you attempt this pose, warm up. Kathryn taught us that we must teach the pose in a way where the students can get into “parts” of this pose, even without doing it. This is building a strong foundation…step by step to get into the pose. So if you don’t get the pose today, it will happen when you are ready. Here are some poses to warm up:

Surya A – Sun Salutation A (2-3 rounds)
Chatarunga (focus on proper alignment per unique skeleton)
Asymmetrical Dolphin (one arm forearm, other chatarunga arm)
Forearm Plank
Asymmetrical forearm plank (one arm forearm, other chatarunga arm)
Three Legged Dog, Open Knee
Knee to Nose (core)
Navasana (Boat)
Ardha Navasana (Half Boat)
Malasana (yogic squat)

All of the poses listed above after Suyra A are parts of Adolescent Crow.
Now, you’re ready to go!

Step 1. Malasana


Step 2. Bring one forearm down.


Step 3. The other hand (fingers spread) parallel to your other elbow.


Step 4. Bring your knees high on the back of your arms. Snuggle the knee and squeeze the one “chatarunga” arm and lift foot.


Step 5. Lean forward. Gaze forward of the fingertips. Squeeze armpits. See if the other leg lifts. Tada! Adolescent Crow Pose!


Keep trying. Remember, practice not perfection. It will come, don’t discourage. Believe.

Here’s Kathryn’s blog that I read all the time.

Bookmark it!!! It’s good stuff!


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