Quote of the week

It is always hard living and missing someone

Quote from my dear friend Edwin who heard this from his friend.

This quote struck a chord with me this week, throat gets choked up and tears start to well up in my eyes. I hold back. I know I’m okay.

My mother-in-law’s birthday is tomorrow, March 6. A Cancer had taken her away from us five years ago. It still feels raw. It still feels like yesterday. Things have changed and we all have moved forward since she left us. Not necessarily better, but we move on with strength. I was very blessed to have known her. It is hard to be alive and to miss someone immensely. So, today I celebrate her life — and what she gave us, though it’s challenging to avoid the sadness in my heart.

If you miss someone and the situation is different — where they are alive — tell them. Cherish them even though they maybe far away because with life, you never know. Telling them may make you feel more alive. Who knows? They probably miss you, too.

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