To Challenge or Not to Challenge? A week of growth.

I love to see my yogis grow. This week has been a spurt of it!

Yesterday, a woman fell in bakasana. Most people are open to try it. I said “most”…But she came back to me and said “I held crow for a second!!!! I fell, but still!!! I did it!” She said she listened to me when I kept telling everyone that I fell all the time when I first was doing crow (yes, I did and I still fall sometimes.). She felt it was ok to fall and get up again. She gave herself permission. I’ve known Karen for a long time and it was awesome to have her step outside and try something new.

After teaching a challenging flow this morning, I started to think. Was it crazy to incorporate and workshop tittibhasana into the flow? I had only a handful try it. Others just sat and watched. Hopefully, not feeling like they were discouraged. I kept emphasizing, that in my practice I fell a lot. I still fall and it’s the best way of learning.

Today, a gentleman named Alfonso approached me after class. “I just want to send you with my heart and soul to you…my blessings and love. You always challenge me and today, I did tittibhasana for the first time. Thank you so much.” My heart filled up with happiness. I am thrilled that he is enjoying the journey and I am there as the conduit.

I’m getting off my soapbox now. I’m just like a proud mama of her kids. Thank you to all my yogis for allowing me to serve you. It is my joy to share what I love.

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