BodyFlow® 63 – My Review

Call me the “Roger and Ebert” of reviewing Les Mills BodyFlow choreography. My review is purely my own view (disclaimer). Today, I review BodyFlow 63. I’ve taught this release about seven to eight times now.

My first thought was “I am not very fond of the music.” As I taught it more, the music started to resonate. I started to get it. It incorporates a silent strength in the flow…
Silent. Powerful. Almost mysterious.
Finding your inner strength and light — then being brave enough to let it radiate. The choreography blends plenty of heart and hip openers to prepare for the option to flip your dog into wheel at the end.

Tai Chi Warm Up
Track 1 – Insane (Flume featuring Moon Holiday)
Simple and elegant. I’ve heard of other teachers get confused and circle one way twice and I can see how that can happen… Really, it’s allowing yourself to trust your direction, birds tail flows naturally. I have never had this issue (knock on wood!) The music is perfect for this track.

Sun Salutations
Track 2 – Breathing (Genius Machine)
“I only miss you when I’m dreaming…” The song has strength and dramatic fluctuations. Perfect to go with the double vinyasa flow.

Standing Strength
Track 3 – Only You (Ellie Goulding)
This track, you really can’t miss a beat! I love the rawness of this song and how we get to do side lunges (animal lunges)! I love how the choreography incorporates the arm swirls (reminds me of Budig’s yoga, which I think Diana was inspired by). You must cue the set-up quickly and effectively.

Track 3 – Skinny Love (Birdy)
My my my is spot on! The song makes me tear up, really…A simple track, I especially like “diver’s pose.” I wished they added maybe floating half moon or even warrior three with a heart opening variation (clasp hands). Otherwise, I think maybe the song was too short? This song probably would work for hips or forward folds track too.

Track 5 – Open (Rhyes)
PERFECT. You don’t need variety here! I love how we can sit and marinated in the poses! Eye of the needle, modified half lotus, butterfly! This Yin Yogini is in love!

Track 6 – Home Home Home (Phillip Phillips)
Ouch my core!!!! I love the strikes on the ground! By the end, everytime I teach it, I hear my group moan in a good way…

Track 7 – True Love (Pink! Featuring Lily Allen)
Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the child’s pose (half way) to an upper back bend. I DO like the scorpion tricep press. I probably would have done 1/2 bow pose or even spinal balance and reaching for the opposite foot. I think the thought was the transition back to set-up of scorpion from child’s pose?

Track 8 – Beneath your Beautiful (labyrinth featuring Emelie Sande)
Simple, effective to point with a shoulder opener. That is all.

Forward Folds
Track 9 –
Young and Beautiful (Lana Del Ray)
Blue Ocean (Justin Timberlake)
The placement of flip dog to wheel confuses me. I kinda wish it was placed in the backbends track. You can still repeat pyramid pose here and stay in it to enjoy. The quiet folds to Blue Ocean though, definitely work.

Caelum Muem for Rest & Relaxation
Love the song choice, and so do my students.

Overall, it grows on you. I can’t wait to teach the next release! Keep up the wonderful work…
Thanks for this release Les Mills!

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