BodyFlow 62 Review

Not too much. Not too little. Just right. This is how I feel about BodyFlow 62. It’s infused with the right amount of heat with plenty of options for new folks and veterans to BodyFlow. Embark on a journey of great music and fantastic wind down. Here’s the breakdown.

20131015-211054.jpgphoto credit Les Mills International

Track 1 Tai Chi
Song: Figure 8 Ellie Goulding
The journey begins with a slow energy ball sequence. Perfect for beginners to flow and learn. Perfect for the veterans to feel and breathe. Then, we pick up the tempo and the moves invigorate the mind and body.

Track 2 Sun Salutations
Song: Fields of Gold Sting
Amazing song choice for this track. I love this because we get to breathe for a moment in downdog and the sequence is paced just right. This one is by far my favorite track.

Track 3 Standing Strength
Song: Impossible Shontelle
Basic warrior postures with enough time to expand through our side ribs, to sink down into hips, lengthen the spine and shout “it’s possible” from our hearts.

Track 4 Balance
Song: Skyfall Charming B
Fuel your soul with determination and strength. There are plenty of challenges here. The moves are well-choreographed — it fuels you with the desire to enter a mysterious place. Maybe a mysterious place you’re uncomfortable with. The challenge of balance and concentration. One word says it all. “Bond”

Track 5 Hips
Song: Let it Be Left Wing Corner
The song choice is perfect to help mellow the mind to open the hips. Not too busy of a track. This one is just right. Enough to marinate in the poses! Love this one!!! This one ranks in my all-time favorites (besides Empire State of Mind from BodyFlow 51)

Track 6 Core
Song: Little Talks Of Monsters and Men
At first, I didn’t like the song. After a few times teaching it, I like it! It’s enough heat for the core, feeling the fire near the end. The key is to cue your participants to get the most out of the moves quickly!

Track 7 Back/Core
Song: Love is All I Got Feed me & Crystal fighters
My favorite part about this track is a transition from plank to crocodile, updog back to plank. The song is great and the backbends at the beginning of the track build heat in the body.

Track 8 Twists
Song: Winter Song Sarah Bareilles Ingrid Michaelson
The song is haunting, and such a perfect way to explore twists. This track is perfect amount of calm and nourishment for mind, body and soul.

Track 9 Folds
Song: Stay Rhihanna
Piano music plays and I just am hypnotized and want to stay in Forward Fold. While I wish there was Tai Chi at the end, I feel a nice stretch in pyramid pose and revolved.

Track 10 Relaxation
Song: River of Love Navajo Falls
Perfect end with supine stretches to calm the nervous system before rest. Love it.

The only thing, and it is small — we roll from back to belly to back on track 5-7. Otherwise, another fantastic release!
Disclaimer: Views expressed are my own, and do not reflect Les Mills International.

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