Balancing Chi Yin Yoga Flow

Balance is Harmony…

Each fu organ in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is paired up with their zang counterpart. The flow below is to help a person to balance out chi emotions of constant anger, fear and/or worry. Remember that not ever pose is for every BODY. Always consult a physician before beginning any fitness regimen or yoga practice. Each pose held 2.5 – 5 minutes, depending on time you have.

Opening Mediation (Childs Pose)
Cat/Cow flow
Downdog (walk dog)
Wide Leg Forward Fold
Squat (Supported option)
Baby Dragon
Dragon Flying Low
1/2 Dragon Splits (inner groin awareness/meridians)*
Dragon Fly
Supported bridge
Supine, 1 knee to chest (repeat other side)
Vaparini Karani


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