Pure Yin: Unwinding Inner Bliss


Today I got to be a student instead of a teacher! What a treat it was to be in a Pure Yin class. I was invited by my dear friend, Jane to this workshop. When I heard “Yin”, I knew I had to get subs for my classes to go! Then I heard Dina’s name and my decision was final! Keep calm and Yin on!
Dina has a very unique style to her type of Yin, it’s the “Inner Yoga” approach, deep awareness within the self and cultivating it with breath. The “Inner Yoga” approach took a little while to resonate… And to “look at the internal landscape.” I didn’t realize how tired I was, I had been amped up with energy excited to go to the workshop. During my outbreath, I would pause and notice I felt drained, then slowly building up energy as I inhaled the next breath. After plenty of breathe work, we went into Yin. We used a lot of the Inner Yoga as we held the poses.
The lesson plan was to stimulate the urinary bladder and the gall bladder meridians. We set our intention. My intention for the class was to learn more, to bring more to my students…
Yin poses? We went into butterfly first. I could hear my teacher in my head (Bernie’s voice) but I could hear Dina speak about Inner Self…it was was almost like an orchestra. Next sphinx…I came out of that slowly because by that time, I felt like a dinosaur. As we were marinating in our poses, Dina talked about Anicca, Impermance. It sent me back to my Yin Teacher Training with Bernie, when he talked about the value of an artificial rose versus a fresh rose. It made me smile. I found my thoughts floating back to teacher training in Vancouver. Our next pose was half caterpillar I felt cold in my back body but as time passed, my forehead was closer to my leg, this was thrilling for me. When we moved on swan pose, I felt energy chi running through the IT band. I was not afraid, I just was letting it BE. Finally we moved to supine hamstring work, I could feel the fluids trickling down my leg. Dina added inner and outer thigh work…definitely felt some compression and since I had taken my studies from Bernie, so I knew immediately how to adjust myself to feel the pose where Dina had intended to in her sequence for the workshop. We ended in supported butterfly at the end.
After the workshop, I left with some things dawned within me during class. My own inner self. It existed in the back of my mind all the time, but this time in class made me stare it down face to face. Through my experience and reflection of the day, I can bring more to my students (which was my intention). Thank you, Dina (and the inner Bernie dialogue in my head!)…
Dina’s approach to Yin is unique. I am very blessed to have had a chance to be in the workshop today. I recommend you take this workshop if you ever have the opportunity!

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