Thoughts on Bodyflow 61

I’ve taught Bodyflow #61 about 15 times now…here are my own personal thoughts…
Track 1 Tai Chi is fantastic! The music is so angelic and has an uplifting quality to it. The moves choreographed totally opens up the shoulders. My students love it because it’s simple, feels good and they can immerse themselves into the movement.
Track 2 Sun Salutations is pretty traditional. The rise up to reverse warrior is nice, but maybe it would be better for the new students to set up in warrior 2 and then sweeping up. However, by the 3rd time, they get it. Song is not my favorite.
Track 3 Standing strength is a tough one! The twist is super deep, but cueing is so important here so students can back off. The heat builds in the twists.
Track 4 Balance is sweet. The song is from BodyPump cool down. I love the lovers hands and the challenge in balance. Great sequence.
Track 5 Hips track gives you a little time in the kneeling lunge. Maybe I’m such a Yinster, I feel I need more time in it. Maybe not to rise and lift the arm, but stay in the lizard lunge. I get a sense my students like to stay in it. Cow face pose is a good one, cue it properly. I give the option of half cow face. It’s the yin in me.
Track 6 is genius. I love this core track. I like the music too. It gets me into the groove! Seriously is simple but effective!!! Kicks my core!
Track 7 for back is nice with all the cobras and up dogs. I wish there was more time to set up bridge.
Track 8 twists, love the downdog twists. Finish with eagle twist is a fantastic transition to the next track.
Track 9…love the “book ends” the tai chi. Summertime is a nice cool song. Not sure about the music overlapping to relaxation. My students think I’m off. Lol!
Overall, thumbs up!!!

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