Humbled and Honored

After Yin class today, one of my regular students came up to me and thanked me for my classes. Let’s call him “Frank.” He’s been coming for over a year now and is suffering from his own ailments (which I will keep confidential). We’ve been talking a lot. Usually, Frank feels like he hasn’t been opening up in Yin. I told him he needed to relax his muscles and just breathe and marinate in the postures. Frank seemed to worry about his lack of flexibility and how he should look in the postures. I would watch him every Saturday and see his eyes wander to other students…almost doubting himself…
Frank came to me today and told me what a huge difference he feels now in class. He knows now to relax his muscles in the postures… he feels more balanced physically and energetically. He was able to let go of the aesthetics… His ailment, in fact, getting better. I was so thrilled for him, his findings and his practice. I was so humbled that he asked me to teach more Yin at the gym.
I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to hear of my students discovery to their inner bliss…for health, for vitality…I can teach a class and tell my students how to get into postures. My job means more than that. Its deepening their experiences. How can my students experience yoga to its fullest potential and just BE?
“Yoga is not a competitive sport. No judgement, no expectations.” Its a place, for them to be on their own mat. No worries and to let go and discover things along the way. So, when I hear that somehow I have helped positively in some way in their practice, health, vitality, journey or in some aspect in life — I feel so rewarded, humbled and honored.

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