It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s terrible bird pose! Ganda Bherundasana…

This pose makes me feel far from terrible! Ganda means the cheek, bherundasana means terrible, formidable and it is also a species of bird. I feel like an egret when I’m in this pose.

I warm up with sun salutations and lots of cobras and up dogs. I prepare my core as well. Then, I stretch my neck by resting my chin on the floor (carpet) or on a blanket while laying prone just as Inyenar says to do in Light on Yoga. Next, I practice ganda bherundasana with my blocks.

I place my blocks shoulder width and place my hands behind them while I’m in downdog. I shorten my downdog stance, and lift a leg to three legged dog. I then slowly lower down, elbows in and squeezed in, bringing my chin to my mat. I press my palms to the floor and really engage my arms so there is less pressure to my cervical spine. Then I lift the other leg to match the other engaging my thighs and core.

Next, to try without blocks. Make sure there’s extra padding for your chin to rest on your Mat. I have a shirt underneath my mat for extra padding on the cement. (Kinda hidden with in the photo here, I’ll take another next time).

There are more variations with this pose, that will be another post! Happy flying!

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