Yin wrists, shoulders, hips

As always, consult your physician before exercising. Listen to your doctor. Take time to feel the asana, be mindful.

Yin Yoga Flow for Wrists, Shoulders, Hips

Opening Meditation
“Begin with an open heart, to move forward and not look back. Let go of judgement. Let go of expectation.”

Begin in Childs Pose (bolster option)
5 mins

Cats Breath

Anahastasana 4 mins

All fours

Wrist openers (hold for 1 min) (both sides)



Thread the Needle (both sides)


Make a Fist, open and close…circle (both sides)


Square pose, fold (shin bones crossed) 2 1/2mins each side




Square pose side bend (hips down and relax neck)


Lift arm side bend 1 1/2 mins20130704-125310.jpg

Wrap arm behind relax neck 1 1/2 mins20130704-125319.jpg

Eye of the Needle Pose 3-5 min

Chest/shoulder opener (lay prone, right arm to side palm down, roll to right pushing on left hand) pic not shown
(both sides) 5 min

Supported Supine Butterfly pose (bolster or blocks)


I thank Bernie Clark for his teachings. In addition to Diana Batts for sharing her knowledge. This flow is inspired by both my Yin Teachers.

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