Vashistasana Variation & Vishvamitrasana

Happy June!



Today, my practice focused on core, hips and hamstrings. Such a gorgeous day, I got to practice for 90 minutes today. The last 45 was long passive holds. I felt blessed, rich with the practice of yoga…in fact, Vashista means “most excellent, best, richest.”

My flow included (snapshot)

Reverse curls
Surya A x 5
Surya B stepping into standing splits and some handstand jumps x 2
Warrior 1, 2, reverse, triangle
Balancing half moon
Lunge twist
Kneeling lunge
Ardha Hanuman
Vashistasana traditional
Vinyasa 3 legged plank option
Surya B
Vashistasana variation (1st photo)
Surya B w extended side angle bound
Vishvamitrasana (2nd photo)
Child’s pose
Supine hamstring stretch r leg
Supine hamstring stretch l leg
Seated forward fold (long hold)
Upavista konasana (long hold)
Happy Baby (long hold)
Supine twists (twisted roots)
Long savasana

Slowing down is always good. I am still working on the refinement of these poses. Step by step. Little by little. A little step in the right direction! I reflect back when I couldn’t even get into this pose. A small achievement makes heaps of contentment!

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