Removing the weeds…Yin Sequence

Watering FlowersMy mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds. -Weldon

Yin Sequence

Remove the Weeds Sequence (Hips and Spine)

Intention. As we head to open hips emotions will come. It’s time to face them and remove any toxic emotions in the mind. If you continue to nurture those weeds, it will fill our garden and get overwhelming. Let them go so you can sow seeds of opportunity.

Begin in Savasana
Stretch long
Eye of the needle Pose (2 min each side)
Roll to seated. Anjali Mudra set Intention
3 Part Doaist Breath (4 times)
Child’s pose (2 min)
Tadpole pose (3 min)
Melting Heart (3 min)
Dragon Flying Low (3 min each side)OM!
[Twisted Dragon (3 min each side)OM!
Ardha Hanuman ]
Spinx Pose (3 min)
Spinx option to seal (3min)
Cat/Cow x 5
Twisted Deer (3 min each side)
Supine Shoelace (3 min each side)
Twisted Roots (3 min each side)

This sequence was inspired by a drawing that I received in Yin Teacher Training with Bernie Clark. I am always thankful for his teachings. Let me know what you think of the sequence after you’ve tried it. Remember. “Time is the magic ingredient” in Yin. Find your setting. Be still. OM Shanti!

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