Decisions, decisions!

There are challenges in everyday life. It’s easy to take the lesser road. Sometimes, thats the right choice for you. Its your own choice. It is your own circumstance. Ahhh… The words of Robert Frost comes to mind. The Road Not Taken
The decision needs to come from a deeper place than the monkey mind. Stay present in your choices, make the choice from deep within so there is no doubt.
My own practice today had many twists and turns. I was tired. I had taught earlier in the day and was emotionally drained as feelings overwhelmed me in the last track in BodyFlow 55 “Still here.” I was so tempted to just turn on the TV to watch CNN. I did, but then I had to commit and think…you need to dedicate time to your practice.
As I started to roll my yoga mat out, I delayed. I was thinking, what shall I do today?
I started in easy sukasana and set my intention to just practice and do what I could do today. I let go of the news and focused on my breath. I started to practice. My third eye started to tingle.
With plenty of Surya A and progression to surya B. I started to open my hips. Three legged dog, open leg to open hip then back to three legged dog, then 3 legged plank vinyasa flow. Chair became one legged chair or, figure 4 standing balance. I was working and took the courage to find baby pigeon. As I kept moving, there were times I wanted to give up. I felt heavy again. I couldn’t fly. I wanted to give up. Why couldn’t I do it today? I just did it the other day…Then. I went back to my breath. Got out of my chaotic mind. I flew. Eka Pada Galavasana. It was only for a couple of seconds. This pose has been a challenge for me. In the chaotic day I was able to practice. In a chaotic mind, I was able to refocus. I was able to fly. After practice, I took a sweet savasana and refueled. I just had to make my own decision and it has “made all the difference.”


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