Observe and React

It’s amazing how you can observe things and react so quickly without thinking. Or you hear something and you just get so defensive.

So I texted my best guy friend back because I didn’t want the situation to linger or fester. Words were exchanged. Not to be hateful, but we both got defensive. In the heat of the moment I told him to “f off”. What the heck happened? I was at a place where I was so angry.

Time passed. I talked to my girlfriends and my husband. “Let it go, he’s not trying to be malicious.” I realized I reacted from the wrong place. I was sorry, I just had to let him know how I felt. I texted him on What’s up application to apologize. No response back, I’m left hanging.

Life has everyday stresses, and it’s the way we approach it. We can react from a calmer place or in a more turbulent state of mind. If I had stayed in the conversation, I probably would have said something more hurtful back instead of cussing. Really hurtful. I’m glad I didn’t.

We can also storm off, drive away. Angry. I’ve known of others that leave a situation and drive off speeding down the freeway, angry. In my younger years, that may have been me. That would result in a worse situation.

We can react differently. We can observe. Then react from a safer calm place. A place of common sense. A place of strength.

I’m waiting to hear back. I’m not writing off the years of friendship. He is a piece of me, my friend, my brother. I’ll always love him. ย Maybe all will be forgotten and healed. We’ll see. Until then, I will just take a moment to breathe and observe.

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