Get Off Your Chair!

We sit at our desks all day at work. We sit in meetings. We try to sit in our best posture. Did you know prolonged sitting in a chair will tighten your hip flexors and rectus femoris? It may also contribute to low back pain. Why? The body will accommodate for the shortened range of motion. The pelvis starts to suffer too, thereby eventually leading to low back pain. It’s all interconnected. This is best explained in
an article posted by The Yoga Journal written by Gudmustad:

If the iliopsoas and other hip flexors are tight, they pull down and forward on the pelvis, which tilts the pelvis forward and compresses the lower back. Picture a man standing with the front of his pelvis tilting forward and his tailbone lifting. To stand upright, he has to overarch his lower back. Anatomically, this is called hyperextension; commonly, it’s called “swayback.” Prolonged standing or sitting in this position increases pressure on the facet joints of the lower spine, which can contribute to arthritis in those joints.


What to do? Try the recommended stretches in the article link posted above. Or…try a Yin Yoga class. In Yin, the poses specifically targets the connective tissues in the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Cant make it to a Yin class? Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga extraordinaire (my mentor) has some videos online to guide you through. Visit

Time to get off your chairs!

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