Funky Side Crow aka Parsva Bakasana

Today’s practice was twisty and fun — being light hearted and taking a chance to try something new! Which led us to funky side crow…something my yoga spirit sibling Peggy Sung showed me almost a year ago. So I dedicate this practice to her!

Start off my warming up with some twists, planks, binds…then try Parsva bakasana first.

How to get into Parsva bakasana (aka Side Crow)

1. Come to a knees together squatting position.
2. Twist towards the side, turning the knees to the opposite side.
3. Place your hands down on your mat shoulder with apart and spread your fingers apart like starfish. Claw the mat!
(see photo)
4. Elbows in, lean and look forward, lift hips high and engage inner thighs and core.
5. Lift one foot at a time for beginners.


Now when ready, try funky side crow! Follow the same procedure above but place your outside elbow under your shoulder, palm faces down.


Then, engage inner thighs and core– start to lean..keep your gaze forward and balance.


Thanks to Pegstars for showing me this!!!

Preparatory poses

Downdog to planks
Cat cow
Sunbird leg lifted to knees chin chest flow
Surya knee down lunge twist
Standing Lunge twist to warrior 2
Pyramid to lunge to prayer twist
Warrior 2 to triangle
Triangle to reverse warrior
Extended right angle to bound right angle to bound triangle
Chair twists
Warrior 2 to lunge to lunge twist on outer edge of feet to side planks
Revolved triangle
Vinyasas in between with chatarunga arm emphasis
Then get funky with side crow!

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