Firefly (Tittibhasana) Pose in BodyFlow 60

BodyFlow (BF) seems to be including more advanced postures each time I see a new release. Particularly, BF 60 — we see what the kiwis call “Bird in Flight”, normally know was Firefly or Tittibhasana. We also see Wheel Pose, we will leave that posture for another topic to blog about.

This is an advanced posture, I do love that Jackie gives the option of Happy Baby. Remember, it is a practice. The good news is that you can try it and fall on your butt instead of your head (like in Bakasana).

What do you need to do in this posture? Well, we use arms and wrists. We also use our core, hamstrings and our inner thighs. Start slowly.
Make sure you warm up first with a few sun salutations.

I start off with a squat that is narrower that shoulder with and wiggle the trunk of my body under. I try to get as deep as possible. I engage Mula and Uddiyana Bandha, my thighs are pressing into my arms. My hands are like starfish, fingers spread apart. I slowly shift my weight back, finding my dristi.

Then I start to slide one foot forward, playing with my balance. I do this slowly. When ready, I lift the other and come into flight.


I find that if my legs come out too wide, it is counterintuitive. I keep engaging the bandhas and then I focus Pada bandha as well. This helps me take flight.

Remember, it takes time and practice. I did not get here overnight! Happy flying!

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