What is the true meaning of friendship? Well the thought came over me today as I talked to my close friend about friendship. Can men and women surely be friends with no strings attached?

As I reviewed my friendships there are several different types of friendship. There are childhood friends, there are Facebook friends, there are gym friends, and there are friends who share the same passion as I do in yoga…

Then there are friends that you want to keep for life…the ones that don’t judge you and the ones that will stay with you forever. Those are the ones that you don’t talk to for a long time but when you see them it’s like time was never lost. They are the same friends that never talk behind your back and be truthful to you. I have couple friends that are in that category and I know I will cherish forever.

One of them is male… Surprising? I’ve known this guy for a long time. Let’s just say have known him over a decade. He is always been my friend and he will always be there for me. He has no other motive and he is always truthful to me. He is a friend that I will keep forever. Strange? You tell me. I don’t think so. He has never cross the line with me. Yes, he is straight and loves women. I’m pretty sure he’s always thought of me like a sister, as I think of him like a brother.

Then I have my siblings and of course my husband was also my best friend…but he’s in another category. He’s also my lifetime love.

So by the end of the day, I can say I have a lot of friends but they are all different types friends. What are your thoughts?

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