Yang Yin sequence UB and Kidney meridian

Yin Yoga is known as the unglamorous type of yoga, but it has so many healing benefits.

Here was my sequence this morning:

Seated meditation
Inhale arms up and back to heart center (3 x) emphasis on drawing the belly in and not having the ribs pop forward

Easy chin across collarbone slow side to side (imagine drawing a necklace with your chin) x 3
Neck – look right center left center x 2
Ear to shoulder (opposite hand on side of head) do both sides
Seated circles (heart to right knee/around and back to center) then other way

Spinal balance x2
Downdog shift weight side to side

Urdva Hastasana emphasis
Surya C x 2 (knees chest chin chaturunga)

Dragon flying low
Twisted dragon

Spinx (elbow on bolster)
R knee 90 degree bend (1 min)
L knee 90 degree bend (1 min)

Supported wide knee balasana (bolster between legs)

Supported virasana (sitting on block)
Bring bolster behind for saddle pose

Windshield wiper

Support led supta baddha konosana

Side lying with bolster between legs
Then supine twist
(do both sides)


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