Being free of obstacles and explore!

Today we set our intention to be free with each Asana, to explore on our own and twist away any tension open up our hearts and to be energized by the time we leave class.


Cat/cow flow
Spinal balance x 2

Come up on knees
Kneeing reed pose (open ribs) x 2
Chest opener (clasped hands behind back)

Spinal balance reach opposite arm to opposite foot feel heart opening (repeat other side)

Downdog walk dog

Ardha uttanasana (repeat this three times)
Roll it up one vertebrae at a time

Half sun salutes (repeat three times)

Surya A (on first one do cobra three times)

Tadasana with standing twists

Surya B with high lunge and baby back bend
Surya B Add Wild thing

Utkatasana to ground
Roll x 3 come back on feet to chair
(do this a couple of times)

Utkatasana twist both sides

Side plank star
(both sides, emphasize on the bottom lifting oblique and pressing hand into the earth arm, body strong core)
Single arm plank (pressing hand into earth)

Humble Warrior

Warrior 2
Revolved Triangle
(both sides)

Revolved balancing half moon
Slowly stand into revolved standing hand to foot pose x 5 (both sides)

Vinyasa to child’s pose


Setu Bhandasana
Supta Bhadda Konasana

Supta Bhadda Konasana

Supine twist


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